Baba’s Bali

BABA’S – The Creoles of South East Asia

During the colonial times in Asia, Babas were the super cool Peranakan guys dressed in the latest threads, involved in the arts, leading in sports and keen entrepreneurs. Today Babas are everywhere in the world and from every culture. For example, you can be Asian with a Dutch, Portuguese or English last name, or you could be European with an Asian name. Sean shares his vision as to “Give everyone the right to be proud of their own mix, because it’s something we all essentially share. It’s a global thing.”

Besides introducing a brand new menu to tantalize the senses, BABA’S also offers an unforgettable dining experience with a brand new environment. “For the design we are creating a chic Alice in Wonderland with Peranakan elements, enhancing the exterior with a sexier, lighter, and totally unique feel that will definitely be inviting” says interior designer Caroline Usher.

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