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The word Mama San is an old term denoting a woman in a supervisory role within South East Asian gentlemen’s drinking establishments. Chefs Will Meyrick & Palm Amatawet decided to create their new venture Mama san as a dedication to all the Mama san’s of Asia!

Serving authentic dishes from the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam, the food is creatively served in layered tiffins, on banana leaves and aboard thali trays. Signature dishes include an Asian Charcuterie Platter served with classic French baguette, Crispy Pork Hock on the bone with nahm jihm jauw & nam pla prik and Lamb & Pumpkin Pot-Sticker Dumplings.

All presented in a beautiful interior that was designed by Caroline Usher, the restaurant and bar spills over two-storeys.

Caroline Usher leads all creative work for the Sarong Group and is responsible for the interior design of Mama San. The unique purpose built warehouse interior blends vintage and retro eras, with tan leather oversized Chesterfield sofas, chairs, mirror walls, oriental side lit screens and quirky one off art pieces.

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