Ushers by Design: the very paragon of excellence in interior design.


Consummate professionals in every aspect, and second to none in quality and speed of delivery of flawlessly stylish designs, oozing creative vibrancy and stunning originality
Illario Colli

Owner of Soulbytes

You’ve made my dream come true,
thank you..

Will Meyrick

Mama San

Caroline Usher’s creative spirit and passion for interior design saved our villa project!


My late Balinese husband started building our retirement home in 2012, but was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2013 and passed away November 9 2013 in our home in Jakarta.  Deeply saddened, my children and I went to Bali after the funeral to try to manage the unattended project. For several months we struggled with contractors, poor workmanship and disastrous design choices made by people who were only interested in making money.


In March 2014 I was given Caroline’s and another interior designer’s contact numbers by a friend. Caroline was quick to reply and we had a meeting and discussion about the terms and the design concept.  I felt an immediate connection and trust toward Caroline and was happy to give her free rein to help turn the project around in the direction of my late husband’s vision.

Once we agreed on the budget and terms of the project, Caroline leapt in with passion, determination and a three-month plan to finish up!  Caroline has been in Bali for over 6 years and is well networked with the community, knowing where to find what and who to turn to for help.  She has trusted staff to assist her and has high expectations for the workers and crew on the project.  She showers them with both critical feedback and praise and rewards (nasi babi guling on Fridays!).  She has little tolerance for poor workmanship and will make sure that the work is done up to her detailed standards.

In our villa, Caroline has been able to combine lighting, landscaping, furnishings and accessories to an appealing whole. She searched throughout Bali and Java for just the right pieces of antiques and artwork to reflect the uniqueness of our family culture (Bali, China and Europe) and included the old with the new for a one of a kind homey design.  Caroline dreamt up a color and design scheme to give warmth and atmosphere to a building that is large in structure and limited in land.  I appreciate Caroline’s choices of textiles that are comfortable and durable (sofas and blackout curtains) as well as beautiful and artistic (bedcovers and textile story boards).  For every part of the villa that was a problem (and there were many!) she was able to come up with a design solution so that literally every corner of the villa is a delight to view and experience.

It was a pleasure to work with Caroline who accommodated our opinions and suggestions and made adjustments to design when there were budget constraints.  By working with Caroline I came to know her as an artist, a friend and an interior designer with heart.

Therese Wirakesuma

Villa Wira

Caroline is extremely creative and this was certainly a great benefit for the design of my outlet.


In her position as a freelance Project Manager and Creative Services Director for my company from April 2010 to December 2011, she did an excellent job and was an asset during her time with me.


I have developed my company’s business and opened a food outlet: a huge project that Caroline helped me in setting up in many aspects. Her great organizational and management skills ensured smooth relationships with my contractors and enabled a successful deployment of the construction work in line with the given time frame. Having her on site regularly to supervise the operations definitely facilitated in respecting both procedures and deadlines.

Caroline is extremely creative and this was certainly a great benefit for the design of my outlet since she had a major role in deciding on the final drawings, and her writing skills are excellent – she continues to be the editor of my monthly newsletter and advises on most of my communications material.

I have no hesitation in suggesting Caroline for employment anywhere in the world – in any creative, organizational or managerial capacity. She has shown diligence, professionalism and enthusiasm, she is well respected by those who work with her and is a great asset for any company wishing to employ her services.

Heather Barrie

Fine Palate Singapore

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